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EvictionsOwning rental property is an excellent way to build wealth. Unfortunately, landlords may find themselves with a tenant who can’t pay their rent or refuse to leave after their agreed tenancy ends. In these cases, it can become necessary to evict a tenant. Trying to navigate the eviction process can be a tricky, overwhelming and time-consuming process.  The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act passed in June of 2019 and the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, provides a myriad of major changes to the previous landlord-tenant rules in place and offer new protections for tenants both before, during, and after the tenant has taken up tenancy. Three-day notices and handshake deals are a thing of the past.

Let our office guide you through the eviction process and save time, money and avoid potential tenant lawsuits and lengthy legal disputes by setting up a free consultation with our office today. We conduct hundreds of evictions encompassing Courts all over the Capital Region and offer guidance to our clients throughout the entire process.

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